Mount Juliet Newborn Photography

Baby Boone, July 2017

So exciting to shoot sweet little Boone and his big sister, Beckley. Aren’t they just so cute!?

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I just love newborn photography, especially when I have the joy of incorporating older siblings. It is definitely never boring! I like to always tell clients that I’m not judging if their toddler-aged child wants to roll a car on the newborn’s head, or if the older kiddo is scared out of her mind at the baby. These things are totally normal and frequently “challenges” that I embrace as I capture the real-life, brand-new relationship between siblings. Often the older sibling will “act out” during teh shoot and I can feel the tension among the parents rising. This is when I say, “THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL AND I SEE IT ALL THE TIME.”

Newborn shoots with older siblings (especially if the older one is still little!) are always difficult in some ways, and I like it that way. Parents, please know I appreciate the real-life, unavoidable dynamic of adding a human being to an already established family culture! I am full of grace and admiration for you! I feel honored to finesse my way through it!