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Hey! You may be looking for a Nashville Family Photographer, or you may be interested in learning more about children’s, wedding, or event photography. Let me tell you a bit about how we feel about photography.

If you’ve ever worked with us, you know that our goal is to take beautiful, clear photos and to leave the integrity of the image intact. We love crisp clarity and light. We love the beautiful reality of our subject, and it is our joy is to make that our absolute priority.

Unlike many photographers, we put little emphasis on showing off our talents, making picture-perfect photoshopped images, and having a trunk full of props in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Our deep desire in photography is to get out of the way so that your family or event is perfectly captured, unadulterated, and in its most pure and beautiful form.

Many photographers target weddings because “that’s where the money is”.  But our passion is families. Yes, we love shooting weddings too (weddings are a joy and a gift to be a part of!), but we do not believe in making our family and children’s photography sessions less important.

We are your solution for simply elegant, natural family photography and children’s photography for people on a budget.

Yes, we strive to keep our prices low so that we can provide families with cherished keepsakes without compromising on quality.

We are your affordable, go to Nashville Family Photographer; give us a call today!


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3 thoughts on “Our Philosophy

  1. Hi! I briefly met you a few weeks back at the clover bottom mansion. You were taking pictures of the polston’s. I was so mesmerized by her new little beauty I forgot to introduce myself, I apologize for that lol. My name is Mikasha 🙂

    I am looking for a photographer to take my family’s pictures in a few weeks. My daughter will be 3 months old. Are you available July 19th around 7pm? Can you send me some information on your investments and what you offer. I am looking for a mini session. Thanks a ton!

    Mikasha Clark

  2. Hello,
    I am looking for a photographer for our little family of three and was wondering if you could provide me with your pricing information. Thanks!

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